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Seemingly under the radar, the cannabis tech industry has flourished into a billion dollar industry. Data shows that in the past year alone, Cannabis Tech companies amassed a sum of roughly  USD 7 billion. This figure, as all the estimates point out is all set to more than double by the year 2020.

The Success of Cannabis Startups:

The success of most of the leading Cannabis players is attributed to their active incorporation of cutting-edge technology in their business. Technological innovations have a very crucial role to play in the success of these companies.

The cannabis startups have brought to the limelight some exciting innovations that have the potential to not just revolutionize the cannabis industry, but also help the agriculture industry as a whole to take the world by storm. Coming after long years of prohibition, people do not have sufficient experience or the know-how in cannabis cultivation. It is to address this problem precisely, that innovators have come up with cannabis technology that use these tools to compensate for the lack of knowledge. Here’s our look at a few of the hottest products in cannabis tech right now.


HiGrade empowers consumers to take mindful strides towards smarter cannabis consumption, by instantly testing %THC simply by using their smartphone.

The HiGrade kit (Scope & Mobile App) turns your smartphone into a powerful microscope, allowing their deep learning algorithms to detect microscopic elements on your plant, such as trichomes. Each photo snapped is instantly analyzed by their patent-pending algorithms to detect your plant’s status and potency. With hundreds of users worldwide, HiGrade’s robust system is able to analyze plants across different strains, cultivation methods and capturing devices. HiGrade offers the fastest THC testing on the market.

With just a few seconds per test, the HiGrade kit evaluates %THC (“total-THC”). According to their website, it currently works only on dry flowers, of “THC-only” strains – with less than 1% CBD.


Seedo, a growing device for plants, is another new product that has been gaining popularity among recreational cannabis consumers. Seedo can house five plants at the maximum. After planting, the user needs to pair his/her phone with the device.

Any progress or lack thereof will be notified regularly. The machine is air-conditioned and controls the temperature at which the plants grow. Its auto adjust light system alters the light exposure of the plants depending on its requirements. Timely delivery of minerals and carbon dioxide is also monitored. With cameras installed in the interior, it is also possible to always keep an eye on the well-being of these plants.  


The WeGrow app brings the users in contact with Elle, a chatbot or ‘growbot’ as they like to call it. It indulges the users in personalized conversations. Elle then guides the user and helps them grow their plants. It fills in the user with all the necessary information and also gives them a step by step detailing of the things to be done for the growth of cannabis.

The industry has still a long way to go. The people in the business have to wage a daily battle against all the roadblocks they meet with. The financial and legal setbacks are the big problems that these companies face. But, the major Cannabis Tech Companies are looking fit enough to take on these heady challenges.