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Cannabis Tech Events are exceptional live events that give a platform to the entire spectrum of international leaders in the field of research, marketing, finance, science, tech innovation, government policy, entrepreneurship, and agriculture. These leaders come together to focus singularly on the importance of medical cannabis and the opportunities that it is capable of rendering.

Below is a list of the important Cannabis Tech Events and Meetings that await your presence:

APRIL 2018

Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo – April 30, 2018, to May 2, 2018

Venue: Philadelphia, PA

The Cannabis Learn Conference is not any usual event. The host, Green House Venture, is collaborating with Athletes for CARE to offer excellent programs for the operators of cannabis who are looking to improve their knowledge and educate themselves further in this field. 50% revenue from the sale of the last 1000 tickets will be donated to the Athletes for CARE that will be invested in cannabis research.

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MAY 2018

Cannabis Private Investment Summit West – May 2, 2018

Venue: Beverly Hills, CA

The conference at Cannabis Private Investment Summit will highlight preeminent entrepreneurs, investment opportunities, and technological innovations in the industry. The summit aims at offering family offices and high-end investors an extraordinary educative platform in the cannabis industry. The speaker’s panel will include entrepreneurs, government enforcement officers, and industry experts and will discuss the important risk factors and opportunity windows that all investors must consider.

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Sex, Drugs, Success- An Evening W/ Female CEO’s – May 4, 2018

Venue: San Francisco

Hosted by Girl Groove, the event will circle around inspiring women entrepreneurs and risk-takers who will share their stories of rewards, risks, and challenges in setting up a business and successfully running it outside the common proprietary units, i.e. sex and cannabis. These women have attained a strong foothold in the industry and they will share interesting and inspirational stories related to their profession.

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MJBizConNEXT – May 9, 2018 – May 11, 2018

Venue – New Orleans, LA

MJBizConNEXT is bringing over 4000 innovators together with over 275 exhibitors who are leading the industry today for this Cannabis Tech Event. The primary aim of the conference is to demonstrate everything the cannabis industry can expect in the coming years. Join the conference to see executors who are developing their businesses and entrepreneurs who are introducing new cutting-edge innovation that will articulate how cannabis is leveraging technology to develop the market.

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CannaGrow Expo – May 19, 2018 – May 20, 2018

Venue: Palm Springs, CA

CannaGrow Expo is an educational expo that is dedicated to science and art of cultivating cannabis. The event targets cannabis cultivators, dispensary owners, grow managers, etc. to explore the modern tools, technologies, and techniques of growing cannabis. It will feature a selection of more than 35 sessions focused on cultivation lead by international growers. The two days will be packed with indefinite networking with cultivators from across the globe, at a venue that is equipped with the latest technology and tools designed to grow cannabis.

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Institutional Capital and Cannabis Conference – May 21, 2018 – May 22, 2018

Venue: Los Angeles, CA

The most glamorous and popular city in America welcomes the largest legal cannabis market with around USD 7 Billion yearly sales, USD 1 billion tax revenue, and over 100,000 job opportunities. And IMT is all geared up to host a forum that encourages investors who are looking for portfolio diversifications and alternative asset classes. This particular event specially caters to the demands of the accredited and institutional investors.

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Cannabis Europa – May 22, 2018

Venue- London, UK

Cannabis Europa is a pivotal platform to share knowledge and transform the industry of medical cannabis for a better tomorrow. It is a golden opportunity to connect with the global frontrunners from the distinctive fields of business, science, and politics. There is no universal model that regulates cannabis, and Europe has seized the opportunity to take a global leadership position in shaping a secure future for medical cannabis.

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These were some of the prominent upcoming Cannabis Tech Events.

Check out this space for more events in the coming days to cover up the entire forum.

Hosting or organizing a cannabis tech event? email us and let us know. We’d love to include it in our roundup.